Jain contacted me to make a book, but not just any book... Introducing, Jain’s World.

An unconventional coffee table book for the unconventional golfer. Taking the shape of a yardage book and blowing it up to 16.5” x 11”. Creating the first, fully illustrated, 72 page art book you can hang on your wall. Every order of Jain's World will include our Jain Tee in an aluminum finish - a metal nail to hang Jain's World in style.

We wanted to build a world that felt a bit more familiar. One that bridged the gap between golf and all the other things we can’t live without. Jain’s World is our attempt to shoot a flare in the sky and see who else is out there. To find out how many people can see a bit of themselves in an illustrated character named Jain - someone whose healthy obsession with golf, peanut M&M’s, vintage gear and trips to Japan just makes sense.

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